Monday, July 19, 2010

Information isnt Boring nor Ugly

 I found a blog the other day that will be interesting for those of you that need to deal with large amounts of information in a visual way. Visual information planning and sorting data can be monotonous and dry sending any creative process into a tail spin, but it doesn't have to be like that. The blog called "Wireframes Magazine" documents software that allows you to plan and store data in a visual manner. It has a wealth of information on this subject and is well worth the read. Check it out here.

Along the same line is another blog worth reading it's called Information Is Beautiful. When you think of graphic design and charts you don't normally think of something you might want to hang on your wall but this Blog will soon change that opion. Not only do the charts look great but the design is informative and refreshing in subject matter. If you have an upcoming chart or the need to create some info graphics, definitely go find some inspiration at Information Is Beautiful.  Check it out here.

Great Visualizers: Always With Honor.

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