Monday, April 16, 2012

Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Vst

I'm a sucker for any tools that help a musician work in uncommon scale's. Sean Luciw has released a free Vst plugin that specializes in the ancient solfeggio frequencies. He has also written a book that looks to a fun read called "Chaos in Boxes” ...“Chaos in Boxes” is a collection of experiments, theories and observations regarding music theory-based ideas and their connections to other parts of the world. Astronomy, astrology, geometry, arithmetic, science, art and poetry mix with scales, modes, chords, fretboard diagrams and more, in a down-to-earth, fun style. Check out his entertaining and informative blog here.  

Sean has created a VSTi synthesizer which specializes in producing the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies. It's available for download here: Ancient Solfeggio Synth VSTi

The synth is FREEWARE, but if you feel inspired
to do so, you could click the Donation button to support Sean.



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