Monday, April 16, 2012

iZotope Iris - Game Changer

This is simply groundbreaking. It is not free as the usual items here at Bitz & Bytes but it is so special that I have to mention it. Iris by iZotope is a sample-based synthesizer that harnesses the power of both your eyes and your ears. Just take a look at this video then head on over to iZotope to change the way you design sound forever. The only thing on the market that comes even close to this is Camel Audios Alchemy but without the ease of use.

Now the sad part for me is I have worked on a plugin for two years and without a job hoping to make just a small amount of money to care for my expanding family. You guessed it .... the difference between my plugin and iZotope's functionality is minimal.  The best I will be able to do is to come in at an extremely low price and hope for the best. (Maybe 15 dollars) The even worse news for me and better for you is that Iris has been implemented extremely well, they have very low cpu usage and the paint functions are ingenious. If you are a sample designer, I cant think of a better tool to design new libraries for kontakt or other samplers. The only thing left to say is that if I had beat them to market I would have had the cash in hand needed to purchase iZotope Iris. :(

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