Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blender a Free 3D Design Program

Need a free 3d design program that doesn't miss on professional features. Blender is for you.

This program covers most 3d file formats. With a great variety of tools available, Sculpting can be used to create very detailed organic looking characters. Coupled with modifiers like multi-res, the models can be very complex while the interface remains responsive.

Thanks to flawless integration, tasks as simple as walk cycles or as complex as lip syncing can be undertaken with more emphasis on the results and the fine tunning.
With the Non Linear Animation (NLA) independent movements, poses, and gestures can be combined into complex actions, and reordered or altered individually, without having to remake the whole animation.

True and tested, the robust default render engine is an industrial strength image generator.
With powerful optimization for material nodes and procedural textures, along with fully compliant support for farm rendering, the Blender internal render engine is reliable, fast and efficient.

With its complete integration to code base and its totally graphical interface, the Game Engine is both fully independent from, while at the same time perfectly adapted to, your programing skills.
Use the visual data blocks to create your game logic, or code your own, either way once finished your product can be ported to the run time environment of your choice.

 The Game Engine as far as I know is completely unique to Blender and not found in any other 3d editors. Another great thing is almost any platform your on there is indeed a version available.

Mac OS X - Linux x86-64 - Linux x86-32 - Windows 64 bits - Windows 32 bits - FreeBSD

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