Wednesday, May 2, 2012


What the heck is a NodeBox. Well its a modular programing environment for procedural graphics. Basically you program a group of functions to carry out a visual drawing. Your thinking that doesn't sound creative and actually sounds like work. Let me assure you it is fun and easy. You can create things that you would never want to draw by hand.

NodeBox Screenshot

A Friendly Face

You want to explore generative design without learning the ins and outs of programming?
Using its node-based interface, NodeBox makes generative design easy and fast.

An Animated Partner

Every parameter in NodeBox can be animated. Animations can be exported as common movie formats or as a sequence of images.
NodeBox Screenshot

Visualize Your Data

Because of its unique approach, NodeBox is ideal for rapid data visualization. NodeBox takes in data from Excel. Because it's open, you can write your own data importers and exporters.

Peek Under The Hood

Using nodes doesn't have to mean giving up power. NodeBox makes it trivial to customize the functionality of existing nodes or to build your own from scratch.
 Windows Version

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