Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great Mic on the Cheap

One thing that can be said about today's technology is that there is a lot of choice. That extends to those that cant hardly afford a Starbucks in the morning. One thing I will be doing a lot of is pointing you in the direction of dirt cheap musical finds, the type you might see at a garage sale for a few bucks. Today's dirt cheap find is a microphone that was packaged with Creative sound cards, you see them everywhere but few realize how potent a sound making device this is. Without going into the specs on this thing, let me tell you that for a buck or two you might get better vocals off one of these than you do off a Three hundred dollar microphone. they look like the mic in the picture and it has a mini stereo headphone jack but dont let that fool you they sound very good. Just to make sure you are getting the right one it has Creative embossed on the lower stand. Cheap plastic sweet sound.

Buy one you wont be sorry.

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