Monday, September 20, 2010

Do You Want To Create Your Own Music Software?

Its easier than you might imagine. Im a real fan of modular programing environments. Two of my favorites are Synthedit and Synthmaker. The software allows you to design musical programs with a Lego block style ease of use. Most people can pick up the visual programming metaphor  much  faster than a full blown language like C++. The benefit of graphical programming is apparent on so many different levels. Firstly you don't have to become an expert in one of the many programming languages! No traditional programming is necessary; however, you will still need a basic understanding of what you are doing.

Secondly your programming will make visual sense so when programming large or complex systems you can return to your software and understand what you programmed straight away.

Thirdly it is hierarchical, so you can nest complex functions making your design clean and understandable, while breaking down large tasks into easily manageable chunks.You can build anything from effects plug-ins to samplers or analog style synths with very little experience. The great thing about these two excellent programs is that you can sell what you have built with only the initial cost of the software and the possibilities for audio design are limitless.

Synthedit can be found here.

Synthmaker can be found here.

Now if your more of the Robotics and embedded systems type you can take a look at Flowstone. FlowStone is designed to give a rapid programming environment for real time Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Robotic applications.

Flowstone uses the same programming metaphor and can be found here.

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